Homer Simpson Votes for Romney, Has ‘D’oh!’ Moment (Video)

The "Simpsons" patriarch casts his vote with the GOP and finds himself S.O.L.

The last time Homer Simpson stepped into a voting booth, he cast his vote for Barack Obama, and found himself inadvertently casting multiple votes John McCain due to a "glitch" in the electronic voting machine. So it's difficult to fault him for wanting to try a new approach this time.

In a new video, the "Simpsons" patriarch once again exercises democracy's greatest right, this time casting his vote for Obama's political rival, Mitt Romney. (Part of his reasoning: "I already got one wife telling me to eat healthy," a reference to First Lady Michelle Obama's campaign to encourage Americans to eat things that aren't donuts.)

Unfortunately, things don't work out quite as Homer might have hoped, and while we won't spoil the surprise, let's just say that he finds himself with an even more demeaning job than slaving away for Mr. Burns at the nuclear power plant.

Sigh; this never would have happened if he voted for Kodos…

Watch Homer do his civic duty in the video.