Horror as 16-Foot King Kong Burns at ‘Skull Island’ Vietnam Premiere (Video)

Fans thought it was part of the fun, at first

It was a hot time at the “Kong: Skull Island” premiere in Vietnam on Thursday night.

Chaos erupted at the premiere of the film in Ho Chi Minh City when a 16-foot replica of the titular gorilla burst into flames, Sky News reported.

The model caught fire due to flames from a nearby simulated volcano, which as also part of the premiere.

The audience initially believed the flaming Kong was part of the premiere festivities, but scrambled away as they realized it wasn’t.

The fire quickly grew to the point where the entire stage for the event burned down.

Oh, the humanity … uh, simianity?

Firefighters extinguished the flame in approximately 15 minutes, and it’s believed that there were no injuries stemming from the incident. Aside from the bruised egos of the premiere’s organizers, presumably.

Watch Kong burn it up in the video.