Horror Director Draws Blood at Magnolia Pictures’ Holiday Party

Ti West ("House of the Devil") punched another guest in the face, breaking his nose

If Magnolia Pictures invites you to their holiday party next year, you might want to bring a face mask, some boxing gloves or both.

Ti West (pictured left), the director of the critically acclaimed indie horror movie "House of the Devil," got into a fight with another Magnolia partygoer last night and broke the individual's nose, reports Devin Faraci of Badass Digest.

A spokesperson for Magnolia asked the TheWrap not to write about the incident, confirming that it did, in fact, happen, though the company officially had "no comment" on Friday.

West's publicist told TheWrap the director "acted solely in self defense," while West himself had no comment.

According to Faraci, a party guest called West "an egotistical prick" and poured a beer on the genre filmmaker's head. West then retaliated by punching the man in the face, breaking his nose.

There was so much blood that the formerly festive scene started to resemble one of West's notoriously gory sets.

The victim (an IFC Center employee) was taken to a nearby hospital and West was apparently left stunned by the damage he inflicted.

Faraci was tipped off to the violent incident by a tweet from Marc Walkow (@outcastmarc), which read: "So whose nose did a certain celebrated indie horror filmmaker break at last night's Magnolia party? I need to know."

The tweet sent Faraci off on a hunt for the truth and after looking into the allegation, revealed that West was the guilty party, although he withheld the identity of the guest who drew West's ire.

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