‘House of Cards’ Adds Directors’ Commentaries

As Season 2 approaches, get David Fincher and others’ insights on the first season

house of cards who you need to remember for season 5 netflix

Streaming may soon render DVDs obsolete, but that doesn’t mean the death of directors’ commentaries. Netflix’s “House of Cards” is adding audio tracks with insights from director David Fincher and others who helmed the show in its first season.

Audio tracks from directors have long been an added value of DVDs, and effective now, they’re also part of “House of Cards.” Fans of the Kevin Spacey political drama can adjust their subtitle and audio preferences to hear insights from the six directors who shot episodes of the series in its first season.

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The show’s 13-episode second season premieres Feb. 14.

Besides Fincher (“The Social Network”), they are James Foley (“Glengarry Glen Ross”), Joel Schumacher (“Falling Down”), Charles McDougall (“The Good Wife”), Carl Franklin (“Homeland”) and Allen Coulter (“The Sopranos”).