‘House of Cards’ Star Kevin Spacey Perfectly Impersonates Bill Clinton – and the Former President ‘Loves It’ (Video)

Vice President Frank Underwood sounds a lot like former President Bill Clinton when he wants to

Kevin Spacey has convinced Netflix viewers that he’s a southern democratic vice president on “House of Cards,” and Monday night, he convinced CBS viewers that he could just as easily play former democratic President Bill Clinton.

The actor, who plays Vice President Frank Underwood on the Netflix political drama, casually impersonated the real-life former president — one of his “buddies” — during an appearance on “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

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“Do you do that when you’re around him?” Letterman asked.

“Oh, he loves it,” Spacey said with his voice cloaked as Clinton.

Watch Spacey’s interview with Letterman (above) to hear Spacey’s spot-on impersonation, which he casually unleashes while telling a story about getting coffee with Clinton at a Starbucks in Baltimore.