How Movie Theater Owners Are ‘Learning to Live With COVID’: A Report From CinemaCon

Even with scaled-down festivities and the shadow of the Delta variant looming, the trade show’s upbeat messaging shines through

Getty Images

The spirit of CinemaCon 2021 could be best summed up when its managing director this week took the stage at the Caesar’s Palace Colosseum wearing a “Son of the Pink Panther” T-shirt and a “Jurassic Park III” cap, memorabilia from movie theater trade shows from decades past.

The optimism that Mitch Neuhauser brings to that stage every year wasn’t dented — not even with a pandemic still sweeping through the world. “Let us remember those we have lost, but let this week we spend together also be the point where we start to turn to a brighter future,” Neuhauser said.


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