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‘How to Get Away With Murder': One of the Keating 5 Is Pregnant, Leaving Fans Shook

“Now that my heart is beating normally I want to apologize to my neighbors for screaming as such at the end of HTGAWM,” tweets a fan

(Spoilers: Stop reading if you’re not caught up on the latest episode. Just get out of here.)

As if “How to Get Away With Murder” wasn’t already laced with enough twists to keep your stomach turning for days, now fans are burdened with one more–who is the father of Laurel’s baby?!

“I’m shook,” tweeted one viewer. Us too, us too.

Oh, yeah… Laurel is pregnant and basically everyone besides her is freaking out.

Folks seem to have caught on to Shonda Rhimes‘ inclination for major plot twists and leaving her fans unnerved that she came up with a theory of who’s under “the sheet.”

But the major point is that we don’t know who the father is. Because clearly Laurel being almost dead and pregnant weren’t already shocking enough. We know that she’s in love with Frank and has a complicated romantic relationship with Wes, so really either one could have fathered that child.

So remember last week’s episode when Rhimes hit us with a page from her book and revealed that apart from the dead person under the sheet, firefighters discovered another body in the house (yeah, surprise!)? Thankfully though, that second body had a pulse — Laurel, and her baby, are safe.

The ending was clearly an emotional time for a few viewers.

See some of the best tweets below.