Hugh Jackman Interviews Himself About ‘X-Men,’ His Best-Worst Movies, and Becoming ‘Huge Jackman’ (Video)

“You are by far and away the biggest star ever to actually be in motion pictures,” Jackman tells himself

Last Updated: August 4, 2014 @ 10:04 AM

Hugh Jackman has been singing and dancing to promote “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” and now he’s even interviewing himself — his “younger,” ’90s-era self, who is thrilled to learn the “X-Men” movie he’s about to film has spawned six sequels.

“I know that sounds really bizarre, that you will still be playing Wolverine 14 years from now, and it’s going to reunite all the actors that you’re about to work with on ‘X-Men,'” Jackman told his counterpart in a Yahoo! UK interview (above). “You’re also going to work with a bunch of younger actors, some of which have just been born. I know that’s going to sound very strange, but yes, they’re all going to be very young, and they’re all going to remind you on a daily basis that they watched you in this movie you’re about to do. Don’t hit them.”

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The 45-year-old actor — who has portrayed Marvel mutant Wolverine a record seven times since taking the role in 1999 — riffed on his and the character’s success, despite naysayers that advised against starring in Hollywood’s first blockbuster superhero movie.

“Oh really? So I become, like, Huge Jackman?” young Jackman asks. “I like that.”

Jackman also ranked “The Fountain” and “The Prestige” as two of his finest films, while emphasizing that star-studded comedy flop “Movie 43” was easily his worst. But at least he got a cool party trick out of the critically-panned stain on his resume.

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“When they come to you with an idea of putting testicles around your neck, and being part of this hilarious ensemble of some of the funniest movies of all time, don’t believe them,” Jackman warned. “You can take the testicles, because you use them quite a lot at parties and it actually gets a good laugh, but the movie you could do without.”


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