Hurricane Sandy: Best Social Media, Web Resources to Stay Informed

From apps to interactive maps, the best resources for tracking Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on the Northeast with commentators across the cable news landscape bundling up in rain gear to issue dire warnings amid shots of pounding surf.

But television is not the only place to keep informed about the so-called "Frankenstorm." From interactive maps to mobile apps and live streams, here's a break down of the best ways to find out the latest on the super storm.

New York Times, View From Above: There's no better view of the menacing storm clouds currently enveloping Manhattan than from this webcam perched on the 51st floor of the New York Times building. It's a cityscape that's both oddly beautiful and scary.

Google, Interactive Crisis Response Map: The brainiacs at Google have created the definitive storm tracker for charting Sandy as she whips across the Atlantic region. In addition to charting the storm's precise location, this interactive map also boasts important safety information, including the locations of shelters and the latest public alerts.

New York City Government, Evacuation Information/Updates: For residents of the Big Apple desperate to find out if it's time to get out, the New York City government has launched an extensive page that outlines evacuation areas and provides information about emergency shelters. There are also updates on public transit closings and the Bloomberg administration's response to the storm.

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National Weather Service, Hurricane Center: Track the storm surge, propulsive winds and cyclone threats with the latest reports from the country's weather tracker. There's an awful lot of information here to digest and it's not too user-friendly, but it's the most comprehensive resource on Sandy's movements.

WunderMaps: Type in your zip code and find out the most recent apocalyptic forecast for your region, as well as the latest photos of the property damage taking place in your neighborhood.

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The Weather Channel, Live Stream/Interactive Map: Punishing squalls are what the Weather Channel lives for, so it's no surprise that it has flooded the zone with digital doo-dads for storm buffs and worried East Coasters. Users can catch the latest reports via the Weather Channel's live stream or chart Sandy's progress, wind speed and strength thanks to its interactive map.

Gothamist, Reader Photos: The Gothamist network of hyper-local city blogs usually does a good job aggregating readers' photos of big citywide news events — and a hurricane is perfect fodder for crowd-sourcing. The site is posting photos of the Hudson lapping up on Manhattan's shores and flooding in Brooklyn.

Red Cross, Hurricane App: This mobile tool not only tracks the storm, it also lets people know what to do in the event of an emergency. That includes everything from step-by-step instructions about what to do if drinking water is impacted by flooding to customizable “I’m Safe” alert for Facebook and Twitter to reassure family and friends.

Alexander C. Kaufman contributed to this report.