Hurricane Sandy: Most New York Studios Unscathed, But Chelsea Piers Not So Lucky

Silvercup and Steiner Studios are fairly close to water, but sustained no damage

Most of New York's film and television studios were relatively unscathed by Hurricane Sandy, but the waterfront home of "Law & Order: SVU" wasn't so lucky.

Silver Screens Studio at Chelsea Piers, perched along the Hudson River, will be closed through Sunday because of water damage and a loss of electrical power, according to a note on the complex's website.

Getty Images"During this time we will be cleaning up, assessing damage and making all possible repairs," the message said.

Silvercup Studios and its two Long Island City locations fared better. Home to shows like "30 Rock" and "White Collar," Silvercup Studios is relatively close to the East River and Silvercup East is near Newton Creek.

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However, Silvercup Studios President Stuart Match Suna said that the facilities were untouched by the punishing winds and surging waterways. Productions were back in the studio as of Wednesday, and Silvercup never lost power and had only minor issues with its phone service provider.

"It's always good to let the West Coast know that the world didn't come to an end and we didn't fall into the river," Suna said.

Also feeling fortunate was Steiner Studios. Located on the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the studio has been home to productions like "Celebrity Apprentice" and "Bored to Death," but retained its power and, despite being located close to the water, had no flooding. It reopened Thursday.

The power is on at Chelsea TV Studios, said Eric Duke, president of the studio's owner All Mobile Video. That's no small feat, given that the facility rests right on the edge of Lower Manhattan, a part of the island that has been plunged into blackouts.

"We are on the last block before the abyss," Duke said. "We are never normally that fortunate. We're open and we're just trying to work out with our staff to make sure they can make it in and out of the city."

Duke said "The Wendy Williams Show" shot an episode at the facility on Wednesday.

Other major studios such as ABC and CBS studios report that productions have all resumed shooting and say that any damage from the storm was minimal.

HBO's 23rd Street facility has been hit by the power outage, but a spokeswoman for the company noted that New York-based shows such as "Girls" and "Boardwalk Empire" are not in production and said the blackout does not impact the network's ability to stay up and running.

In the meantime, sound stages are going to be very popular for New York's production community. Mayor Michael Bloomberg's office said it will not issue permits for outdoor filming in the city's five boroughs until at least Friday, citing concerns about safety and the ongoing cleanup.