#ICYMI on TheWrap: 10 of the Week’s Top Showbiz Stories (Video)

In case you missed it, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is back on TV, “Blackfish” star John Hargrove unveiled SeaWorld’s bullying tactics, and fresh off his HBO renewal Bill Maher talked to TheWrap about Chris Christie’s doubebaggery

WaxWord: Bill Maher on Keeping His Edge, Getting Over the Clintons and Chris Christie Douchebaggery
The “Real Time” host on the New Jersey governor: “He’s the flavor of the week. Last year at this time it was Rick Perry or Michelle Bachman or Ted Cruz or Boehner. Their douchebag bench is deep.”

 Joseph Gordon-Levitt Had a Career Lull Once, And Here’s What He Did About It
Here’s the rest of TheWrap’s coverage of week two of the Television Critics Association panels.

5 Breakout Movie Stars From Early 2014
After you’re done discovering your next celebrity crush, check out 15 movies we’re dying to see this spring.

Oscar Best Picture Nominations: Whose Box-Office Bounce is Biggest? ‘Her,’ ‘Philomena’ and Other Slow Starters
Here are all of this year’s nominees, the snubs and surprises, plus the rest of TheWrap’s Oscar coverage.

‘Blackfish’ Star John Hargrove on SeaWorld’s Bullying Tactics and PR Blunders, Documentary’s Oscar Chances
“I am counting down the hours because I really want to get nominated, just for those whales, just for their voice,” the former SeaWorld trainer tells TheWrap “And SeaWorld, you’re really f-ked”

Inside Guggenheim’s Plans for THR, Billboard – A Cable Channel (Exclusive)
An insider tells TheWrap what the bigger picture looks like.

Razzie Nominations: Adam Sandler, ‘Grown Ups 2’ Dominate Worst of Honors
While the Oscars honor the best, the world wouldn’t be fair and balanced if someone didn’t recognize the worst.

Sundance: 10 Buzzed-About Filmmakers at This Year’s Fest
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9 Burning Box Office Questions: Can ‘Divergent’ Live Up to the Hype? Will ‘Veronica Mars’ Validate Crowdfunding?
Also to be determined: Whether the “Captain America” sequel will measure up to “Iron Man” and “Thor” overseas.

Harvey Weinstein on TLC’s ‘Trailer Park': ‘It Could Be in the ‘Duck Dynasty’ Range’
The Weinstein Company co-chairman also announced a new movie starring Meryl Streep that will make the National Riffle Association “wish they weren’t alive.”

TheWrap Beats Deadline Hollywood and Variety’s Web Traffic in December
We had a very happy holiday season. Thanks for reading, everybody!

And you don’t have to read these three other stories, but you know you want to:

Leonardo DiCaprio Fans Are Going Crazy Over His Oscar Nomination — Literally Nuts (Video)
“If Leo doesn’t win an oscar this year, I’m actually going to blow up Hollywood. Gonna let it burn. Just gonna stand there and watch it burn,” one obsessed fan tweeted.

‘Game of Thrones’ Season 4 Trailer: ‘The War’s Not Won’ (Video)
Anyone else counting down the days until the Season 4 premiere this spring?

‘Devil’s Due’ Baby Prank Scares the Hell Out of New York (Video)
According to reviews, you can skip the movie and just watch this viral marketing prank for an hour and a half, instead.