Jack White’s Third Man Records and Books Launches Quarterly Print Magazine

The first issue of Maggot Brain is available now

Third Man Records
Third Man Records

Jack White’s Third Man Records and Books announced a new quarterly print magazine on Tuesday. The publication — Maggot Brain, which is edited by veteran writer/editor Mike McGonigal — already has its first issue available along with full-year subscription plans.

The newly-minted magazine publisher promises over 100 pages “packed with phenomenal content.” Inside the first issue, readers can expect pieces on Alice Coltrane, Swell Maps, Malls Across America, Mia Zapata, Dilla’s ‘Donuts’, Luc Sante, Vibrant Detroit Sign Painting, Mayakovsky, Index, Big Joanie, How To Resist Ice, Daniel Johnston, Les Filles Des Illeghidad, Swampfest, The KLF’s Greatest Pranks and more.

“We miss cigar-smelling newsstands crammed with amazing publications from everywhere all at once. We miss Creem. We miss Ragtime Ephemeralist. We miss Spy. We miss NY Rocker. We miss weirdo newsprint thrust at us right by subway entrances. We miss Weirdo. We miss Locus Solus. We miss Off Our Backs. We miss Low Rider. We miss Kicks. We miss The Voice. We miss Motorbooty. We miss Avalanche. We miss Grand Royal. We miss Slash. We miss the Gentlewomen of California. We miss Raw. We miss being able to find stacks of old Oz, It, or Black Panther newspapers in the back of that used bookstore in the strip mall. We miss the red and black. We miss the crowding into See Hear. We miss Index Magazine,” Third Man said in a statement announcing the book.

Third Man also assured readers that “We love you and promise never to have a ‘real’ website. Long live print!” (Later, the release does budge a little, “[W]e still believe in the democratizing possibilities of the internet, despite its current state. We’re not Luddites.”)

Third Man touted its selection of McGonigal as editor of the publication due to his “work as the publisher/editor of the highly-regarded fanzines ‘Chemical Imbalance’ (1984-1994) and ‘Yeti’ (2000-2013) that impressed us the most.”

A yearly subscription to Maggot Brain will cost $40 and is available for purchase here.