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Jackson Browne Folks Up Occupy Wall Street

The singer/songwriter performed to a dwindling number of protesters at New York’s Zuccotti Park

Jackson Browne rallied the remaining troops at Occupy Wall Street on Thursday afternoon, playing an acoustic set to the dwindling number of protesters at New York's Zuccotti Park.

Only a few dozen rabble-rousers were in the crowd, which also consisted of police officers and tourists. The scene was muted, according to reports, with police having evicted protesters at the Zuccotti Park encampment on Nov. 15.

Stephan Jenkins, frontman of alt-rock band Third Eye Blind, also performed. He played two songs, including one that he said was inspired by the Occupy protest.

Activist Goldi Merhige acknowledged that the crowd might not have really come "for Occupy Wall Street, telling Reuters, "but the musicians are, and that's the really important thing. If it brings in a bunch of teenagers, that's fine."

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Other musicians have shown solidarity for the movement, including hip-hop icons Russell Simmons and Jay-Z, who have announced plans to organize their own concert; and David Crosby and Graham Nash, who played a mini-set at Zuccotti Park earlier this month.

Crosby and Nash, as well as Browne and Third Eye Blind, are also contributing a new recording to a collection of songs supporting the "Occupy" movement. "Occupy This Album" will also feature contributions from Devo, Lucinda Williams, Yo La Tengo, and Toots and the Maytals.