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Jaguar’s Mixed Emotions About ‘Mad Men’

On the show, one of its dealers demands and receives sex with Joan Holloway — but the automaker isn't 100 percent satisfied in real life

Jeez, what does an advertising company have to do to make Jaguar happy?

On Sunday's "Mad Men," the ad firm Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce pulled out all the stops to win the luxury automaker's business — even enlisting Joan Holloway (Christina Hendricks) to sleep with a sleazy Jaguar dealer. The company finally won Jaguar over with the tagline, "At last, something beautiful you can truly own."

But now that its fictional employee has gotten his jollies, the real-life Jaguar is feeling a bit icky.

"Loved the pitch, didn't love the process," Jaguar cheekily tweeted in response to the episode. "We applaud Peggy leaving SCDP."

The latter part of the tweet referred to Peggy Olson, the copywriter who decided to leave the ad firm after yet another dismissive outburst from mentor Don Draper. The realization that Holloway had earned a 5 percent partnership by playing by the old boys' rules only validated her decision to walk out the door.

As an aside, your humble correspondent didn't particularly like the pitch or the process. The pitch is wordy. And the process felt rushed and sloppy. Joan seems like the last person to sleep with someone she doesn't want to for material gain, the show's but-her-fridge-is-broken foreshadowing aside.

"Mad Men" is still beautiful, but this wasn't a storyline I could truly buy.