Judge Warns Lohan: Plea Bargain Means Jail

Judge orders actress to return March 10

A judge warned Lindsay Lohan that she will be guaranteed jail time if she makes a plea bargain in her felony grand theft case.

Judge Keith Schwartz did not say how much time the actress could face, but said some time would be mandatory. He told her bluntly that he would sentence her the same way he would anyone else: "I don't care that you're Lindsay Lohan."

He also speculated in open court that the actress would turn down prosecutors' plea bargain. Lohan was ordered to return to court March 10.

The judge said Lohan's sentence could also include mandatory counseling and getting an addiction sponsor who is not a family member.

The charges, which have a one to three year jail term, could land Lohan, who has had her 2007 DUI probation revoked because of this latest incident, behind bars for the fourth time in the past year.

"There is no plea deal yet,” a law enforcement official close to the case told TheWrap before the hearing. Deputy Los Angles District Attorney Danette Meyers, who has been in and out of court on various Lohan incidents over the past year, is reportedly determined to see the actress serve some time.

Lohan, with her mother Dina by her side, showed up at L.A.’s Airport Courthouse just after 8:30 a.m. PST in a low-cut black top and white pants. The look was a slightly more conservative outfit than what Lohan wore to her Feb. 9 hearing to be formally charged in the case. Then Lohan showed up for to appear in a tight white dress more fitting for nightclubbing than court.

The clearly annoyed judge, just the latest in a year of court appearances, jail stints and rehab visits for Lohan, set bail in the felony grand theft charge at $20,000 and revoked the “Machete” actress’ probation for her 2007 DUI, with a bail for that set at $20,000.

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"Ms. Lohan maintains her innocence, and now that I've seen the police reports, I believe the case is entirely defensible," Lohan’s long time lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley told CNN last week. "Having said that, we will entertain a discussion concerning a plea if it means no jail so that she can move forward with her recovery and her career."

Lohan, who got embroiled in yet another controversy last week over whether or not she would be appearing to do the Top Ten list on the David Letterman show, has another scheduled court appearance this week.

On Feb. 25, she is will be in the Beverly Hills courthouse for a probation progress hearing in front of Elden Fox, the latest judge in the seemingly never ending case of 2007 DUI.

Fox did not to put Lohan in jail after the actress, who has been in jail three times already from various violations, failed a mandatory random drug test last October.