James Bond Couldn’t Get a Job at MI6, Agency Says

“The service he represents is not the modern reality,” British intelligence source says

Daniel Craig, Spectre (Sony)

James Bond is the ultimate spy, but he could not get a job at the real MI6.

Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), commonly known as MI6, is launching a new recruitment drive to coincide with the release of the new Bond film “Spectre.” However, the service wants to make sure that people understand that Bond is not representative of today’s typical agent.

“James Bond would probably not be successful in joining SIS, if he were to apply,” a British intelligence source told Buzzfeed. “The service he represents is not the modern reality. Teamwork is central to SIS’s ability to deliver intelligence, and heroes working alone rarely achieve much.”

“Having a high degree of emotional intelligence is every bit as important to SIS as educational attainment,” the source continued. “They want people with a real passion for human interaction, understanding others, and dealing with the sometimes complex nature of human relationships.”

Intelligence agents typically work with foreign nationals with access to sensitive information in an effort to identify and assess threats to national security. So sorry kids, chances are you won’t be spending your time drinking martinis, driving Aston Martins, and flying helicopters upside down.

Nevertheless, “Spectre” is looking to have a huge opening weekend when it lands in U.S. theaters on Nov. 6, with analysts recently estimating the film could gross $80 million in a three-day span.