James Cameron Plans 3D Documentary of Record-Breaking Ocean Dive

“Avatar” director James Cameron will follow up his exploration of the Titanic wreck with a 3D film about his latest deep-sea adventures

James Cameron has cast himself as the leading man in his latest 3D epic.

The "Titanic" and "Avatar" director, who set a record for deep solo diving in the western Pacific's Mariana Trench on Sunday, is planning both a 3D theatrical release and a National Geographic special chronicling his Deepsea Challenger missions, which included his trek this week. 

Also read: James Cameron Takes Sub 7 Miles Deep on Record Ocean DiveAccording to Cameron, the film might be ready late this year or early next year.

Cameron revealed his plans during a phone interview Tuesday, the Associated Press reports. 

This isn't the first time that Cameron has brought the murky depths of the ocean to the big screen in 3D. He also directed the 2003 documentary "Ghosts of the Abyss," which carried  viewers through the debris of the ill-fated Titanic.

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Veteran diver Cameron set a record earlier this week by descending more than seven miles in his specially built submarine the Deepsea Challenger to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, which sits some 200 miles southwest of Guam.

The director partnered with the National Geographic Society, for whom he is an explorer-in-residence, for the dive.