James Corden Gets Drunk With Power as Mayor of LA for a Day (Video)

“Late Late Show” host assumes there will be a lot of ribbon cuttings

Absolute power absolutely corrupted James Corden when he became Mayor of Los Angeles for a day on “The Late Late Show.”

Corden took over for Mayor Eric Garcetti, who looked like he needed a break. Corden, wearing an official “Mayor” sash, is none too happy when his assistant tells him that his job entails very little ribbon cutting.

So rather than rest on his laurels, Corden goes throughout city hall finding things he can officially open with his giant scissors.

After bashing the city’s water-saving mascot, Corden closed out his day as mayor with a press conference, where he flat out admitted he as let all the power of his new position go to his head.

Luckily, the gig was just for a day and Corden will return to the job that he is so good at: making us laugh.

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