James Corden, Neil Diamond Update ‘Sweet Caroline’ for Sex-Filled Office Xmas Parties (Video)

“Sweet Christmastime” reveals quite a bit about Bob from Human Resources

CBS’ “Late Late Show” seems to be the office Christmas party to crash this year.

Neil Diamond joined James Corden Wednesday to put a new spin on his classic song “Sweet Caroline.” Now “Sweet Christmastime,” the ditty about Corden’s crazy staff was rewritten with lines like this crowd favorite: “Fran/touch Stan/Sexting Val/Kissing Steve, kissing Stu!”

And here’s how the chorus kicked in: “Sweet Christmastime/(Bah Bah Bah)/Our whole office got so drunk/(So drunk! So drunk! So drunk!)”

Though probably the best lines were: “Uglies/bumping uglies/Santa’s lap/feels so naughty/Feels so nice!”

Watch the video above. It’s guaranteed to put you in the Christmas spirit — or at least, make you want to get into some Christmas spirits.