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Franco: 'If It's the Worst Show in the History of the Oscars, Who Cares?!'

Co-host tells Vanity Fair "it's one night, it doesn't matter"

James Franco recently spoke with Vanity Fair's "Screening Room" about hosting the 83rd annual Academy Awards with Anne Hathaway.

Academy members, close your ears!

Franco: If it's the worst Oscars show ever, who cares?! It's like, it's fine. It's one night. It doesn't matter. If I host the worst show in the history of the Oscars, like, what do I care?

"I'll try my best," Franco continued. "But I don't see any shame in ... because it's just like a movie. Like movies are so collaborative. As an actor, by the time the movie comes out, my work has been mediated by so many different people. It's like, I don't have ... I have some control over it. But if the movie comes out horrible it's only partially my fault."

"It's the same thing with the Oscars," he said. "Yeah, we're the hosts, but they've been working on this thing for six months. I hope they've been putting in good work."

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