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James Franco Spoofs ‘Game of Thrones’ in Gruesome Parody (Video)

Shockingly, Westeros’ first gay wedding hits a few snags

Leave it to James Franco to wring a few bloody laughs out of the sex and violence of “Game of Thrones.”

In the latest installment of his AOL series “Making a Scene,” the “Pineapple Express” star reinvents HBO’s dragons-and-swords drama as a sitcom, with Jon Snow taking a drastic career turn to become a wedding planner.

Snow’s crowning assignment? The first gay wedding in Westeros, between Tyrion and Joffrey.

“I just want to marry these two dudes, OK?” a nervous Franco-as-Snow tells his staff. “I don’t want anybody’s penis to be be cut off and eaten, OK? Not on my watch.”

Unfortunately (and predictably), his plans for a nice, calm gay — and incestuous — wedding go awry when Joffrey decides that he wants to kill a virgin for his wedding. And the reception devolves into a throat-slitting, intestine-eating, eye-gouging mess. With a bonus beheading.

Watch Franco re-interpret “Game of Thrones” in the video.