Janice Dean Says Return to Fox News Was ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ After Cosmetic Surgery Mishap

“I was nervous, but Fox and Friends truly is like a second family to me,” Fox News Channel’s Senior Meteorologist tells TheWrap

Janice Dean

Fox News Channel’s Senior Meteorologist Janice Dean says she “was nervous” for her return to television on Monday after undergoing a new type of cosmetic surgery that left her with horrible side effects.

“I think it went very well,” Dean told TheWrap of her return to Fox News’ morning show. “The response has been overwhelmingly positive after sharing my story. Even social media – which can be a very negative space sometimes, has been flooded with well wishes and thank yous from both men and women for being open and honest.”

Dean had been off the air since early March after undergoing a fractora procedure in an attempt to get rid of some neck creases. She suffered side effects, including nerve injury, marginal mandibular nerve palsy, the inability to depress her lower lip, and a temporary change to her facial expression.

While not yet 100 percent, Dean returned to “Fox & Friends” on Monday to share her story.

“I’ve heard so many people say they’ve shared my story to their friends and family,” Dean said. “I think this topic is something we can all relate to, and we’ve all thought about doing something to improve our appearance.”

She continued: “I was nervous, but Fox and Friends truly is like a second family to me, and I was so happy to get back to a job I love. Hopefully my experience can shed some light on some of these procedures and doctors and patients can talk openly about the risks before they sign up.”

In a recent op-ed, Dean shared the importance of fully understanding the risks of any procedure before undergoing one.