Jennifer Hudson Hunts for ‘Scandal,’ Only to Spread the Gospel of Obamacare (Video)

The Oscar winner stars in a “Scandal” parody detailing a number of ways that President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act can help those struggling to obtain effective healthcare

Jennifer Hudson is killing two birds with one stone in a new Funny or Die parody that not only spoofs Kerry Washington‘s character in ABC drama “Scandal,” but explains the benefits of the Affordable Care Act — otherwise known as Obamacare.

“Can you please find me a real scandal?” Hudson begs while playing a Washington, D.C. “fixer” frustrated by the amount of people coming to her with problems already covered by President Obama’s healthcare plan going into effect on Tuesday. “All of these people’s issues can easily be fixed by the ACA.”

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The parody features a college graduate worried he won’t have health insurance; a woman who needs a mammogram; an asthma sufferer worried he’ll be dropped from his insurance because of his pre-existing condition; and a Senator whose pregnant mistress who needs health insurance.

Hudson becomes increasingly frustrated by every inquiry until finally explaining: “Look, the ACA takes about 15 minutes to sign up for. I need you to go to”

Obamacare is the subject of a big budget showdown in D.C., with Republicans opposing the program threatening to shut the government down rather than fund it.