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Jennifer Lopez Joins Jimmy Fallon for ‘Ew!’ on ‘Tonight Show’ (Video)

”Shades of Blue“ star makes special guest appearance on segment

Jimmy Fallon unveiled a new edition of “Ew!” on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show,” which featured special guest Jennifer Lopez.

Fallon’s perpetually grossed out character Sara was joined by her friend Gabby (Lopez) as they discussed how annoying it is when parents join Snapchat.

The two then engaged in a talent show, with Fallon’s talent being able to balance a spoon on his nose. Lopez said her talent was dancing, but wasn’t able to break out her best moves until Fallon put on “Work” by Rihanna.

Sadly, the dance was cut short by Stepdad Gary, who interrupted to tell the pair, in the corniest way possible, that there was popcorn for them upstairs.

Watch the video.