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Jerry Seinfeld Asked By Crackle ‘Boss’ Michael Richards to Impregnate His Wife (Exclusive Video)

“Jerry, I’m Hitler’s son-in-law,” Richards tells the “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” host

Michael Richards needs Jerry Seinfeld to have sex with his wife or else the second coming of Adolf Hitler could soon be upon us. That’s the dilemma Dick Corcoran, “president” of Crackle, is facing in the final meeting of the year between him and the comedian.

The bonus video to Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” web series finds Corcoran explaining how he plans to marry his new love, Manila. The two are registered at Pier 1 but are asking for no bamboo gifts, due to where she’s from.

Corcoran plans to start a family after the wedding but recently discovered some bad blood in his family line.

“Jerry, I’m Hitler’s son-in-law,” Richards’ character explains. “I know, it’s shocking. I went down a wormhole on Ancestry.com.”

In order to avoid giving his bride-to-be a “Hitler baby,” Corcoran pleads with Seinfeld to impregnate his wife for him.

“I’ll be on speakerphone is case anything goes wrong,” Corcoran says.

Baffled, Seinfeld tells his boss that he’s not interested in the arrangement.

“Sir, on a personal level, I’m really quite fond of you. But when I come up here and we have these little meetings, sometimes I feel like I’m not really sure what your story is.”

The Crackle bossman is also fond of Seinfeld and his hit web series, saying: “The public is hooked. You’ve got some black tar heroin here, my friend.”

Watch the video here.