Jesse Watters Slammed for Saying ‘You Can Tell’ Family Digging Through Trash Was Migrants: ‘Sickening’ (Video)

“I’m a city guy, and you don’t want me to get into it, but I can tell,” the Fox News host said on “The Five”

Jesse Watters (Getty Images)
Jesse Watters (Getty Images)

Fox News host Jesse Watters is getting dragged online for claiming he could tell that a group of people he saw digging through bins looking for recyclables on his way to work was an “illegal immigration family.”

On the latest episode of Fox News’ roundtable talk series “The Five,” which features Watters, Greg Gutfeld, Dana Perino, Jeanine Pirro and rotating hosts Jessica Tarlov, Geraldo Rivera and Harold Ford Jr., the group shared their thoughts on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s reported migrant busing plan. According to reports, destinations include Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C. and Chicago — all run Black mayors, as NYC Mayor Eric Adams pointed out.

“The mayor here is complaining about a couple thousand, with more resources than any other city in the entire country? That’s ridiculous,” Watters said. “Now, I saw on the way into work an illegal immigration family digging through the trash looking for recyclables.”

“How did you know they were illegal?” Tarlov cut in, questioning Watters. 

“You can tell,” Watters retorted.

“Jesse,” Tarlov said seemingly astonished by Watters’ claim.  “I can tell,” Watters said. “I’m a city guy, and you don’t want me to get into it, but I can tell.”

It didn’t take long for the clip to go viral, with one Twitter user gaining more than 550,000 views after reposting the video. Views and a load of comments is what came after.

“Now I saw a family desperately seeking out money for food in the trash and my first thought was, ‘I bet I can make this a racist segment on my TV show,” read a tweet from one Twitter user. 

“Today I saw someone behaving like scum on Fox News. How do you know they were behaving like scum? You can tell. It was Jesse Watters,” another tweet read. Another Twitter user called Watters “sickening.”

During their discussion, Watters went on to allude to Joe Biden being the center of the issue as it relates to migrants looking for asylum in the U.S. 

“It is the saddest thing to see because they’re not able to work here. They came to work, but they’re not able to work here,” Watters said. “And the point is this: you have to be able to choose the people that come into the country based on needs. If you need this type of person, you need this type of pers—bring ‘em in. But to just say, ‘Yeah, come everybody in’ and then oops. Now people are looking for, you know, a five-cent bottle, that’s not right. You can’t blame the guy down in Texas for that. Joe Biden is the common denominator.”