‘Jessica Jones’ Teaser Introduces Alias Investigations (Video)

Short promo spotlights another of Marvel character’s superstrengths

A new teaser trailer for “Jessica Jones” is out, giving fans a chance to see Alias Investigations, the title character’s investigation firm for the first time.

The 49-second teaser, which premiered on the French Netflix twitter account, shows Jones in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen at 11:57 at night… showing off one more of her superpowers: she can jump pretty high.

Marvel TV and Netflix have been releasing short teasers for Jessica Jones throughout their international platforms. All three previous trailers have started with some sort of a timestamp.

The first teaser centered on an actual alarm clock, with actress Krysten Ritter hitting the snooze button with such force that she crushes the clock. The second teaser showed more of that superstrength as Jones walks through the wreckage of a bar fight.

This latest teaser shows Jones jumping (or possibly flying) onto her office’s fire escape in New York’s Hells Kitchen.

Jessica Jones debuts on Netflix on November 20.

Watch the full teaser here.


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