Jim Carrey Takes Things to Next-Level Complexity With His Latest Trump-Thumping Artwork

Hey, who’s up for anagrams?

jim carrey
Getty Images

Actor and emerging artist Jim Carrey took his craft to a whole new level on Wednesday, with his latest artwork skewering President Trump.

The new work, posted to Carrey’s Twitter account, has all the elements one has come to expect from Carrey’s budding oeuvre — such as, say, Trump adorned in Joker-like makeup as he extends his hand to shake with someone.

But there is also a new layer to Wednesday’s offering — an anagram. Or, as Carrey puts it, a “Scam-a-gram.”

The artwork bears the message, “Slice of Apple Pie $5.00. Ticket to a Baseball Game $50.00. A Diplomatic Agreement With Donald Trump’s America … Worthless.”

A series of letters in the message are presented in white, spelling out the non-word “SEITAAGNNRUS.”

Which, as a number of Twitter users noted, spells out “Russian Agent” when unscrambled.

And not for nothing, but at least one commenter pointed out, Carrey played The Riddler in “Batman Forever.”

Well played, Mr. Carrey. Can you do the next one in a Mad fold-in style?

Check out Carrey’s multi-level masterpiece below.