Jimmy Fallon and Kevin James Throw Down in Awkward ’80s Bar Fight (Video)

“Last Call Saloon” clearly had one of the lowest budgets of the decade

Jimmy Fallon Kevin James

For a mall cop, Paul Blart can kick some serious ass — albeit it extremely slowly.

Kevin James dropped by “The Tonight Show” on Friday to plug comedy sequel “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2,” entering a major brawl in the process. The gag was that he and host Jimmy Fallon starred in 1980’s drama, “Last Call Saloon,” which featured a major slow motion fight scene. Fortunately, NBC unearthed the previously “lost” footage.

The only problem with the film (aside from plot, storyline and everything else) was that apparently the production somehow didn’t have access to slow motion technology that decade, so the duo had to duke it out at about 10 percent speed live. That number might even be generous.

The rowdy film featured dialogue like “Last call, Bitch!” as Fallon uppercutted James in the breadbasket. There were broken bottles and bats, terrible wigs and costumes — it was the ’80s, man.

“Still holds up,” talk show host Fallon said after rushing back to his desk. “Sure does,” James added.

“The Tonight Show” then rolled another clip. This time, the talents’ return to their panel segment positions was somewhat less casual. Following a third go-around, the two didn’t even try to change out of costume.

“Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2” Segways into theaters on April 17.

Watch the video: