Jimmy Fallon Unearths ‘Never-Before-Seen’ Beatles Footage of Band Promoting Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (Video)

The Beatles would have been forced to connect with fans through social media, too, ya know

Everyone knows that The Beatles were all about peace and love, but according to “never-before-seen footage” that new “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon unearthed, the British band was all about Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, too.

In honor of the recent 50th anniversary of the band’s first performance on the “Ed Sullivan Show,” Fallon and band leader Fred Armisen dressed up as Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, respectively, to re-imagine what the iconic rock band would tell fans if they lived in a world ruled by social media.

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“You guys have been a great crowd. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook. And you can follow us on Twitter at @TheRealBeatlesUK. And we’re also on Instagram. That was just The_Beatles1,” Fallon joked in Monday’s parody (above). “Feel free to ignore the photos of Ringo’s brunch.”