Jimmy Fallon Channels Russell Brand While Reading ‘Star’ Magazine (Video)

Because who wouldn't want to watch Katy Perry's ex critique the tabloids?

Last Updated: February 5, 2013 @ 11:04 AM

Normally, common decency would dictate that one Russell Brand running around on the planet is more than enough, but this warrants an exception.

Jimmy Fallon — who's known to be pretty handy with an impression — channeled  British "Arthur" comedian Brand during a skit on Monday night's episode of Fallon's "Late Night," giving his audience an idea of what it would be like if Brand were to critique the tabloids that he's so often graced the pages of.

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Spoofing Brand with uncanny accuracy, Fallon riffed on the photos and text in an issue of "Star" magazine.

"Here's Justin [Bieber] again, showing us all what would happen if MC Hammer had sex with Vanilla Ice," Fallon-as-Brand cracked.

"'Rihanna, dumped by Macy's'! Well, I wouldn't worry; if Macy's is anything like Chris Brown, they'll be back together in no time," went another gibe.

"Here we have Jessica Chastain, and let's see what the heading says: 'Zero Dark Pretty,'" Fallon said mockingly of one photo caption. "Come on, you'd think they'd at least go with 'Zero Dark Flirty.' It rhymes with 'Thirty!'"

Fallon was then joined by the target of his skit, Brand himself, who took his own shot at critiquing "Star." We'll let you decide who did a better job by watching the video.