Jimmy Fallon Compiles GOP Presidential Candidates Hurling Insults From A-Z (Video)

“I think they might be running out of names to call each other,” the late-night host jokes after first debate between contenders


The Republican National Committee wants candidates running for the party’s presidential nomination to stop the name-calling, but Jimmy Fallon pointed out on Thursday that the contenders have already hurled an entire alphabet of insults at each other.

“Apparently, the Republican National Committee was so worried about the candidates insulting each other, they asked them to stop calling each other names,” Fallon joked after the Fox News debate aired. “And if you have a look at the campaign so far, I think they might be running out of names to call each other.”

Fallon compiled a 15-second video mash-up of all the Republican nominees’ best insults, in alphabetical order.

“Absurd, Bully, Clown, Dumb, Embarrassment…” the list from A-Z began.

The GOP primary debate took place on Thursday night, and was moderated by Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, who was called a “bimbo” shortly after in a tweet top-polling candidate Donald Trump endorsed by retweeting. During the debate, Kelly noted the real estate mogul previously called women “fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals, but Trump defended himself by interjecting, “Only Rosie O’Donnell.”

Watch the video below.