Jimmy Fallon Weighs Pros and Cons of UN Week in NYC (Video)

“Thousands of people from over a hundred countries flooding New York” is “Donald Trump’s worst nightmare,” says “Tonight Show” host

U.N. Week is taking place in New York City, and Jimmy Fallon weighed the pros and cons of the world’s leaders descending on the Big Apple on Wednesday.

“Pro, it’s thousands of people from over a hundred countries flooding New York,” the “Tonight Show” host said. “Con: It’s Donald Trump’s worst nightmare.”

Another pro is that Obama is staying at the Waldorf Astoria, while “Putin is staying at the Hotel Transylvania.”

And the bane of all Manhattan residents’ lives: “More than 150 world leaders are here in New York” but “they are all slowly walking in front of you on the sidewalk.”

Other pros and cons included Chris Christie’s love of IHOP, a karaoke-and-10-cent-wings night and riding on a horse and carriage through Central Park driven by the naked Russian president.

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