Jimmy Kimmel Baffled By Reaction to ‘Friends’ Sketch: ‘We Were Clearly Acting’ (Video)

Kimmel says far too many viewers assuming Jennifer Aniston was actually mad about the bit, which he stressed was rehearsed

So many people thought that Jennifer Aniston wasn’t in on the joke during Wednesday’s “Friends” reunion on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” that the host had to stress that she was.

“We were clearly acting, right?” Kimmel asked his audience during his Thursday monologue (above). “For some reason, maybe half, if not more of the people commenting online, seem to think that was real. I’m not kidding.”

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Kimmel proceeded to entertain his audience and viewers by reading examples of online commenters who were positive Aniston was not only furious by the end of the bit, but was completely unaware she was going to be asked to participate in it.

“Last year Kimmel had cruel and immoral parents lie to their kids about eating their Halloween candy and watching them cry. Now he tricks Jennifer Aniston into a ‘Friends’ reunion-like situation,” one YouTube user wrote. “She’s obviously not happy about it. Conclusion: Kimmel’s not exactly a good person.”

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Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox –who played Phoebe and Monica, respectively, on the hit NBC sitcom — also stopped by. The three actresses pretended to be confused and annoyed as they read Kimmel’s “fan fiction,” which revolved around Ross, played by Kimmel, making love to Rachel.

“She was acting. Apparently very well, too. She should probably get an Emmy,” Kimmel said. “I’m puzzled by this, I have to say. It’s weird. 99 percent of the time you put something on YouTube, everyone jumps in to say its fake. Then we put something that is — I thought — obviously fake, and people think it’s real.”

Watch the very convincing performance: