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Jimmy Kimmel Convinces People the Government Schedules Earthquakes (Video)

Citizens were happy to hear that seismologists are scheduling earthquakes every five years instead of twelve

Jimmy Kimmel sent his “Lie Witness News” team out onto the streets Thursday to ask people about the U.S. government’s new “earthquake schedule.”

“Of course there is no earthquake schedule, new or old, because earthquakes cannot be scheduled,” Kimmel said. But that didn’t stop a number of people from voicing their support for the fictional plan to schedule earthquakes every five years instead of twelve.

“I think it’s very ecological. It’s a good idea,” one man said. “I think it’s very conservation-minded.” One girl also vividly remembered when the U.S. Geological Survey sent out a tweet warning everyone of an impending earthquake (which never happened).

Two of the girls featured in the segment came to the show, and Kimmel couldn’t help calling them out by saying, “You guys better get out of town. There’s going to be an earthquake later.”

Watch the video.