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Jimmy Kimmel Debuts Donald Trump Campaign Ad Touting ‘Great,’ But ‘Not Specific Vision’ for America (Video)

ABC late-night host calls out presidential candidate for unclear promise to ”make America great again“

Jimmy Kimmel wants to know the specifics of how Donald Trump plans to make America great again.

“The strangest thing about the Trump campaign being on top for a full month now is that apart from his plant to build a wall to keep the Mexicans out, we know absolutely nothing about what he plans to do as president,” the ABC late-night host said.

To reflect Trump’s habit of making vague promises, Kimmel debuted a brand new, incredibly vague campaign ad for the former “Apprentice” host.

“Donald Trump: a man with a vision for America,” the narrator in the ad says. “Not a specific vision, but a great vision. The best vision.”

The ad also highlights Trump’s ability to make deals. But not just any deals. “Great deals. The biggest deals. Deal or no deal?” the narrator says.

Watch the video.