Jimmy Kimmel Puts Hollywood Tourists to the Test on Earth Day (Video)

How many people does it take to pick up a piece of trash on Hollywood Blvd.? Just one, but Kimmel proved that one person is hard to come by these days

What happens when hundreds of people walk past a piece of trash littering the street on Earth Day?

As Jimmy Kimmel discovered on Tuesday, not a whole lot.

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The ABC late-night host tested tourists’ commitment to environmentalism on Mother Nature’s favorite holiday by dropping a giant styrofoam cup outside of a garbage can, and then monitoring the scene in order to catch concerned citizens doing the right thing.

Anybody want to take a guess as to how many people Kimmel caught caring for Earth? Or how long it took for anybody to notice the piece of trash polluting the street? Or how many years our precious planet has left with this kind of indifference polluting our society?

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Watch the eco-friendly experiment (above), which proves people don’t care all that much about pollution — even on Earth Day.

Remember people, the power is yours. GO PLANET!