Jimmy Kimmel Goes Back to the Old Neighborhood (Video)

Show is finally able to resume taping in Brooklyn — so Kimmel gives a tour of streets where he grew up

Jimmy Kimmel was finally able to tape his show in Brooklyn Tuesday after having to cancel Monday's episode because of Hurricane Sandy. He took advantage of his homecoming to visit the neighborhood where he grew up.

Kimmel, who moves to Las Vegas with his family when he was nine, reunited with a childhood pal and confronted the former neighborhood bully. He also talked about a dramatic run-in with bees. (From the clear skies, it appears the video was shot before the storm hit New York Monday.)

Kimmel had the bad luck to move his show from Hollywood to Brooklyn on the same week the hurrican struck. But he plans to make the best of the situation, spending the rest of this week talking to fellow late-night hosts David Letterman, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert before returning the show to California.

Watch the video: