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Jimmy Kimmel Declares Awkward GOP Debate Pile-Up the Best Worst News Clip of 2016 (Video)

The nominees for ”Clip of the Year“ also include a weird weather report and a bald man being mistaken for a malted milk ball

Jimmy Kimmel’s team regularly scours the news for particularly terrible clips, and decided on Wednesday which was the very worst.

The nominees are for best worst news clip of 2016 included “Malted Milk Bald,” “Beach Balls,” “Torna-Doh,” “Lotion Commotion” and “G.O.P. Pile-Up.”

In the first video, a bald man is mistaken for a malt ball, while in the third video, a camera keeps panning and zooming in and out while a weatherman is trying to explain an incoming tornado.

In “Lotion Commotion,” a journalist interviews a man who just took his son to L’Occitane to buy hand lotion after he got good grades. And in “G.O.P. Pile-Up,” Ben Carson can be seen waiting to enter the stage at the Republican debate. But right as he plans to walk on, the other candidate’s names get read, so Carson just waits there… and waits.

So awkward and so topical — how could any of the other clips compete with ABC keeping a camera on Carson as he’s passed by every other Republican primary candidate?

Watch the video above to see all the very best of the worst.