Jimmy Kimmel Grills People on Their Broken New Year’s Resolutions (Video)

Late-night host also reveals he has failed to keep his resolutions thus far

Jimmy Kimmel’s team took to Hollywood Blvd. to quiz passersby about their New Years resolutions — and if they had already broken them.

One man said he resolved to quit smoking. When asked how that was going, he held up a lit cigarette that he was currently smoking. Another man also resolved to quit smoking, but admitted to smoking about half a pack between New Years and Monday.

Another man said he planned to quit drinking, but said he’d already had “one too many” on the day he was interviewed by Kimmel’s team.

However, the people interviewed were not the only ones guilty of breaking a resolution. Kimmel admitted that he too had failed to live up to his own resolution already. Kimmel revealed he planned to use a treadmill in his office to get healthier, but gave up immediately.

“I stepped on the treadmill, I stood there without moving for maybe four seconds,” he said. “Then I got off and made coffee and that was that.”

Watch the video.


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