Jimmy Kimmel Has Little Kids Explain Adultery and They Couldn’t Be More Wrong (Video)

“Archery for dogs,” “being an adult” and “parenting that is fun” are among the creative answers in the latest “Kids Explain” segment

Extramarital dating website Ashley Madison was hacked recently, so Jimmy Kimmel took to the streets of Hollywood to get kids’ perspective on cheating. ¬†ask children about adultery and cheating.

“What is adultery?” the man on the street asked in the latest “Kids Explain” segment, and as usual, the answers were both adorable and hilarious.

One little girl took aim at Johnny Depp, who recently married actress Amber Heard after ending his longtime relationship with French singer Vanessa Paradis.

“Do you know anyone who’s an adulterer?” Kimmel’s crew asked.

“Erm…. Johnny Depp,” the girl said with confidence.

Other answers included “a dog running,” “archery for dogs,” “being an adult” and “parenting that is fun, nourishing and all sorts of things.” Naturally, given his definition of adultery, the latter kid thought his parents were adulterers.

Another girl is more spot on: “It means that they get the wrong person, and they might accidentally get a different person that they’re not supposed to get.”

Watch the video above.