Jimmy Kimmel Introduces ‘Uber Old': ‘Within Hours, An Elderly Person Will Pick You Up!’ (Video)

“Within hours, an elderly person will pick you up,” the advertisement for “Uber Old” announces

Uber has introduced a new feature on its app called “Uber Old” which will have an elderly person pick you up and get you to your “destination in twice the time of your regular Uber.” At least, that’s what Jimmy Kimmel told his audience on Thursday night.

“You know what a lot of older people are doing as their part time job? They are becoming Uber drivers,” he said on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” “Uber has teamed up with the AARP to recruit older drivers. I know you think it’s a joke but it’s not a joke. About a quarter of Uber drivers are over 50, but many are much older than that.”

Indeed, in July, AARP announced that it would be collaborating with Uber to provide opportunities to its members as Uber driver-partners.

Kimmel produced a fake advertisement for a newly-launched feature on the Uber app called “Uber Old,” which promises that “within hours, an elderly person will pick you up.”

“With ‘Uber Old,’ you will ride in style with he finest seat covers, and during your ride you are guaranteed to hear the full life story of at least two grandchildren,” the advertisement continued. 

At the end of the spoof, a young driver must help the elderly driver navigate around the app, which proves to be extraordinarily difficult.

Watch the video above.