Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Los Angeles TV Reporters’ Ridiculous Reaction to Rain (Video)

It’s raining, it’s pouring — EVERYBODY PANIC!

Jimmy Kimmel’s thoughts and prayers were with the brave local TV reporters who had to cover the “much-needed” rain that fell from Los Angeles skies on Thursday morning.

“It doesn’t rain much here in Southern California, especially this year, but when it does, it’s very important to rush inside and turn on your local news,” Kimmel joked before showing his viewers a montage of outlets rushing to cover the humidity.

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The rainfall was such a big story, that reporters were even covering it hours after it stopped.

“The sun is certainly out right now, but trust me, I was standing outside in the rain for several hours early this morning,” KCAL 9’s Joy Benedict told her viewers.

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“We trust you,” Kimmel joked. “And our thoughts are with you, and your family.”

Kimmel is no stranger to making fun of L.A. news outlets overly dramatic coverage of any weather that’s not hot and sunny. Watch the video (above) for a good laugh, and to see how many different local news personalities used the exact same adjective to stress how much SoCal needed the rain.