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Jimmy Kimmel Gets Angelenos to Congratulate LA Rams for Super Bowl ‘Victory’ (Video)

”It was loud, it was passionate, and it was intense,“ says one woman who clearly didn’t watch the New England Patriots win Super Bowl LIII

Too soon, Jimmy, too soon.

On Monday, the late-night host sent a reporter out onto Hollywood Blvd. after the L.A. Rams lost Super Bowl LIII to find “fans” to wish them a hearty congratulations on their big “victory.” As if the actual game wasn’t painful enough.

But as usual, Kimmel’s staffer found a few less-than-informed people to talk to the camera about how much they enjoyed the Rams taking down Tom Brady and the Patriots the night before.

“It was loud, it was passionate, and it was intense,” said one young woman, when asked about the reaction in L.A. to the Rams win. Then, curiously she added: “There’s just a lot of feelings and like, rage.” Rage?!?

Another young man added that he was cheering for the Rams at a local bar, and had to text his dad afterwards saying he owed him $10 for taking down Bill Belichick and New England. But when asked if he could show the text message, the young man refrained, saying his phone was about to die — even though it was at 64 percent battery life.

You get the idea. But if you love nothing more than mocking uninformed L.A. sports fans, check out the video above.

You’ll also get to hear someone talk about the “controversial” Duracell advertisement, where O.J. Simpson “kills the Energizer Bunny.” Hilarious stuff.