Jimmy Kimmel Learns 2-Year-Old YouTube Sensations Can’t Always Sing on Command – But They’re Always Adorable (Video)

Kimmel invited a toddler who likes to sing Miley Cyrus songs on his show to answer the question, “Can They Do It Live?”

Just because a 2-year-old girl will belt out Miley Cyrus‘ “Wrecking Ball” chorus on YouTube doesn’t mean she’ll do it on television, and Jimmy Kimmel learned that the hard way on Tuesday when he invited a little girl named Sophia on his show to reenact her emotional cover.

“What’s the family policy on twerking?” Kimmel asked before trying to prompt a “command performance” of Cyrus’ hit single.

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The segment was called “Can They Do It Live?” And unfortunately, no, this one couldn’t.

Despite matching the conditions as best they could by strapping her in a car seat and having her mom sit in front of her with a steering wheel in her hand, Sophia couldn’t quite sing on command.

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But at least she still performed in some fashion just by acting like an adorable toddler.

If you want to see her in action, don’t waste your money flying her out to Hollywood, just go straight to the source.