Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Alex Jones Over Hillary Clinton Pickle-Gate (Video)

Late-night host cops to the “can-spiracy” behind Hillary Clinton’s appearance

jimmy kimmel

Way to get yourself in a pickle, Alex Jones.

Conspiracy theorist Jones earned a five-star mocking from late-night host Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday, after Jones suggested that a skit on Kimmel’s show — during which Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton debunked rumors about her health by opening a jar of pickles — was rigged.

After Clinton’s feat of strength on national television, Jones filmed a video breaking down the pickle jar — or, as he kept saying, “can” — opening, casting the cold shade of doubt on the display.

“There’s no ‘pop’ when she opens it, and she acts like she has to turn it all the way around, like she’s opening a can of peanut butter,” Jones put forth in the video. “But anyone who’s opened a sealed can of pickled vegetables … knows there is a pop.”

“It is completely and totally fake,”  Jones concluded.

“I agree, it’s a can-spiracy,” Kimmel wisecracked.

The late-night host first sought to debunk Jones’ theory by showing surveillance footage of the pickle jar’s whereabouts before Hillary Clinton opened it, to show that it hadn’t been tampered with.

Unfortunately, the footage revealed that Kimmel’s head of security, Guillermo, couldn’t resist opening the jar treating himself to a pickle.

At which point Kimmel had to ‘fess up — and issue a warning to Jones.

“You just had to keep digging, didn’t you, Alex?” Kimmel said, as the lights on set dramatically lowered. “The plan was so simple; all Hillary had to do was open a jar of pickles, and the White House would be all ours; mine and hers,” Kimmel said.

“This went all the way up to Vlasic. But you just couldn’t leave it alone, could you?” Kimmel continued. “With your twisting and your popping and your poking your nose where it shouldn’t be poking.”

Unfortunately, with the pickle out of the can, Kimmel was forced to eliminate the main witness to the conspiracy. And the dills got killed.

Watch Kimmel take on Jones — and blow away a jar of pickles — in the video.