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Jimmy Kimmel Mocks LA Local News Reporters for Panicking Over Wind (Video)

Flags were “flapping very hard all night,” one weather correspondent notes with concern

Jimmy Kimmel is once again laughing at the expense of Los Angeles local news reporters freaking out over Southern California’s mild weather conditions. This time, he’s mocking overreactions to strong gusts of wind terrorizing the reigion.

“We don’t have much weather here, but when we do, even just a tiny bit, our local news crews grab hold of that and they run like hell,” the ABC late-night host told his audience on Monday night.

In the video, many of the local news crews announced¬†that flags were “flapping very hard all night,” palm trees were “really moving” and Halloween decorations “were blowing away.”

Or maybe they were “Hallo-wind” decorations, according to one reporter’s bad pun.

“Please keep our flags in your prayers at this difficult time,” Kimmel joked after showing the amusing montage that should make eyes roll across the nation.

Watch the video above.