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Jimmy Kimmel Finds People Who Think ‘Citizen Kane 2,’ ‘Vampire Dog’ Are Real Movies (Video)

Oscar edition of ”Lie Witness News“ stumbles upon one woman who thinks Channing Tatum is ”super cute“ in ”Koala Cop“

Jimmy Kimmel grilled people about fake movies Thursday in the Oscar edition of “Lie Witness News.”

While workers were setting up the red carpet and the bleachers for the 88th Academy Awards this Sunday, Kimmel’s video crew asked pedestrians for their thoughts on this year’s hits including, “Citizen Kane 2,” “Little Man, Big Motorcycle,” “Koala Cop” and the biggest movie of the year, “Vampire Dog.”

“Do you think ‘Citizen Kane 2’ didn’t get nominated because of Kevin James‘ performance?” asked the interviewer.

“The thing is, every movie can’t be nominated,” says one man. “I liked it, it was a good one.

Another pedestrian was asked about whether Channing Tatum was cute as a koala in “Koala Cop.”

“He’s always super cute, period!”

Watch the video above.