’12 Years a Slave’ Had a Dance Number, Cate Blanchett Won Oscar for ‘A Fish Called DeShonda,’ According to Einsteins on Kimmel (Video)

People gave real answers to fake questions for Kimmel’s Oscar-themed “Lie Witness News” segment

Best Picture of the Year, “12 Years of Slave,” had a “real good” dance number at the end, and Best Actress winner Cate Blanchett totally deserved the Oscar for her performance in “A Fish Called DeShonda,” according to several idiots that wanted to be on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” so bad that they lied about having any movie knowledge, whatsoever.

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The comments came from strangers that Jimmy Kimmel’s crew interviewed on the street before the Academy Awards on Sunday for his regular segment, “Lie Witness News.”¬†Blanchett won the Best Actress in a Leading Role trophy for her performance in “Blue Jasmine.”

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And don’t worry, you didn’t miss out on anything after the “12 Years a Slave” credits. Steve McQueen‘s drama based on Solomon Northup’s 1853 memoir did not feature a song and dance number. Unless you want to count the scene in which Lupita Nyong’o’s character, Patsey, gets knocked out by an abusive plantation owner’s wife as Northup plays his fiddle. But that scene was somewhere around the middle of the film.

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Opinions on fictional facts about Jonah Hill, Matt Damon and Quentin Tarantino also made the cut.

Watch people make stuff up to try to sound informed in the video above.