Jimmy Kimmel Quizzes People on 2015 Events That Never Happened (Video)

Late-night host convinces people John Lennon is alive and Madonna is dead in new “Lie Witness News”

Jimmy Kimmel is closing out 2015 by looking back at the biggest news items that never happened.

On Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the late-night host sent his team out for a new edition of “Lie Witness News,” in which they quizzed people on major made-up events from the past year.

One passerby was not thrilled when he heard that Jay Z bought the Leaning Tower of Pisa for Beyonce, but he was willing to forgive the rap mogul.

A woman was also disappointed that she didn’t get to see the reunion concert featuring John Lennon and George Harrison, but heard the show was amazing.

Another man didn’t think it was the most presidential of activities for President Obama to take a few months off to film a new “Transformers” movie, but he went on to express his sympathy to Madonna‘s family after hearing she died at the age of 96.

Watch the video.